C-Suite Learning Journeys

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The Honor Brand: Leading for the Long Haul

Finance Sector
(Visit to GIC)
100 pax
Mr Lim Siong Guan

Learn how Mr Lim Siong Guan puts his vision of clean, honorable leadership into action at one of the most important organizations in Singapore and how it helps to solve the challenges of the global financial industry.

Creating and Sustaining Values

Hospitality Sector
(Visit to Oasia Hotel Downtown)
30 pax
Mr Arthur Kiong

See how value systems can work across management levels and be put into place by people of all disciplines through the personal guidance of hospitality CEO Arthur Kiong.

Building a High-Performing Organization

Real Estate Sector
(Visit to Mandarin Orchard Singapore)
30 pax
Ms Tan Shu Lin & Mr Jordan Isac

Be guided by Ms Tan Shu Lin and Mr Jordan Isac as you see how demanding challenges are tackled behind the scenes, so leaders are free to focus on meeting the higher-end needs of their guests.

Building an Innovative Organization

Environmental Sector
(Visit to Hyflux Group)
80 pax
Mr Foo Hee Kiang

Visit the Hyflux Group’s Water Solution Corporation for a Sustainable and Secure Future, and learn from special advisor Foo Hee Kiang how innovation and creativity sustain its day-to-day operations and keep the company growing.

Leading Cross Cultural Teams

Global Retail Sector
(Visit to Eu Yan Sang)
120 pax
Mr Richard Eu

Understand the challenges and learn how a team can work closely together and achieve great results, despite the friction that comes from different cultural, educational, and ethnic backgrounds.

Radical Philanthropy

Philanthropy Sector
(Visit to Enabling Village)
136 pax
Mr Lee Poh Wah

See how philanthropy and business partnership can be turned to social benefit, and give the less fortunate and the disabled new opportunities to reach their full potential.

Engaging Hidden Communities

Social Enterprise Sector
(Visit to HealthServe at Little India)
40 pax
Dr Tan Lai Yong

Learn how ‘hidden’ communities in Singapore can be reached in love and with respect as fellow human beings made in the image of God, guided by missionary doctor and outreach director Tan Lai Yong.

Nurturing Champions

Education Sector
(Visit to Singapore Sports School)
30 pax
Mr Tan Teck Hock

Visit the Singapore Sports School and learn how to build peak performance for you and your teams, alongside academic excellence and character.

Transformational Leadership In Community Care

Healthcare Sector
(Visit to St Luke’s ElderCare)
40 pax
Dr Kenny Tan

Visit St Luke’s Elder Care, one of Singapore’s most dynamic elderly care providers, and learn how you can innovate and provide care for the elderly.

Succession Planning

Church Sector
(Visit to Covenant EFC)
200 pax
Rev Tony Yeo & Rev Tan Kay Kiong

Visit Covenant EFC, one of Singapore’s most successful churches, and see its effective leadership development program at work in training a new generation of young church leaders.

Mentoring the Next Generation

Church Sector
(Visit to BBTC)
200 pax
Ps Daniel Foo

See how a church’s leadership team actively mentors the next generation, to ensure that its legacy is in good hands.

LOGOS: The Best Bible Study Tool Around

Church Sector
(Suntec Convention Centre)
500 pax
Mr Scott Lindsey

Learn how to maximize the use of Logos Bible Software for preaching, teaching and study.