Breakout sessions designed for you to explore the skills and character of a leader in greater depth.

Rekindling Passion

Ms Melissa Kwee & Mr Samuel Lam

What is truly meant by passion, and how can it be gained or lost? Learn how to rekindle passion if it has been lost in the daily grind, and fan it to spur you and your teams to greater heights of achievement.

Building a Culture of Innovation

Prof Neo Boon Siong & Ms Rosemary Tan

Learn a framework you can use to foster innovation and creativity for yourself and your team members.

Leading Through Organizational Crisis

Datuk Dr Edward Ong & Mr Lawrence Leong

Learn how to organize your teams, and get the best from them during times of crisis.

CEO Leadership in Great Businesses

Dr Chris Lowney & Dr Somjin Sornpaisarn

Gain fresh insights on the role of key leaders in a business, and the leadership practices of Dr. Lowney and Dr. Sornpaisarn.

Leading Business for Societal Transformation

Dato Dr Kim Tan & Mr Henry Kaestner

Understand how businesses can truly effect social and community transformation for the better.

Leading Government Organizations in Transformation

Mr Richard Magnus & YB Hannah Yeoh

Learn how government agencies can work towards national and community impact.

Leading Your Church through Moral Failure, Forgiveness and Restoration

Ps Dr Philip Lyn & Ps Dr Chew Weng Chee

Understand the unique position of churches and Christian ministries in dealing with moral failure, and gain practical lessons how you can recover and show the love of God anew to both the perpetrator and the rest of the congregation.

Mentoring Christian Business Leaders for Impact

Mr Julian Foe & Dr Peter Tan-Chi

Learn how you are uniquely placed to mentor Christian business leaders and their families for social impact and influence, and how you can do so with love and decisiveness.

Leading Christian Leaders: What happened to the Good News?

Mr Andy Crouch & Mr Dylan Wilk

Understand the key issues facing Christian leaders in the corporate, government and church fields, and learn to refocus your efforts towards living out the Good News of the gospel.