Plenary Dialogues

Inspiration from world-class speakers as they share their knowledge, strategies and experiences through dialogue sessions.

Good Leader,
Great Organization
Perspectives and Challenges

Dr John Ng, Mr Michael Tan, Mr William Tang & Mr Peter Chao

Gain fresh insights on the key challenges of good leadership through an interactive dialogue with the founding members of Eagles Communications, who have led it for nearly half a century.

Good Leader,
Good Values

Dr Chris Lowney & Mr Lim Hua Min

Learn the values needed to nurture yourself and others as good leaders, and the challenges they will face as they inculcate values in their organizations.

Good Leader,
Human Flourishing

Mr Andy Crouch & Mr Dylan Wilk

Learn how good, inspired leadership leads to human flourishing, as you help others in your communities rise to their full potential.

Good Leader,
Top Performance

Dato Peter Ng & Mr Laurence Lien

Learn how you can help your staff achieve peak performance for the long term.

Good Leader,
Good Character

Ms Roosniati Salihin & Ms Elim Chew

Learn how to face crises with strength of character, and launch a successful comeback.

Good Leader,
Good Partner

Dr Peter Tan-Chi & Mr Henry Kaestner

Learn how mutually beneficial partnerships can be forged between and among for-profit businesses, social enterprises and NGOs.

Good Leader,
Good Work

Sister Geraldine Tan & YB Hannah Yeoh

Gain fresh perspectives and understand the challenges of working among the dying and disenfranchised.

Becoming a Value-Based,
High Performing Leader

Mr Benny Se Teo

Learn how strong values bring about top performance in any area.