Explore in greater depth and focus to understand the leadership challenges and trends specific to your industry and sphere of leadership.

Day 2

July 26, 2019, 08:30 – 12:00

Making Commitments in a World of Uncertainty

Mr Samuel Lam & Mr Lawrence Leong

How do we stay purposeful and committed as leaders when others stagger and stumble?

How do we nurture a community of purposeful leaders with commitments?

In conversations with Samuel and Lawrence.


Transforming Education in an Age of Change

Dato Peter Ng & Ms Meixi Ng

How do we confront the many challenges of higher education such as the ever-demanding students, threat of free-loading online learning, egoistic star-professors and disruptive technology?

In conversations with Peter and his team, who transformed and grew UCSI to become Malaysia’s best private university. Joining them is Meixi, Founder of Fiftyfold and her Tutoria Relationship pedagogy, which was selected as one of the most promising educational innovations by the HundrED Foundation in Finland and has made students across Thailand, Mexico and Peru love to learn and learn to love.


Strategizing in the Midst of Technology Disruptions

Prof Neo Boon Siong

How do we develop innovative strategies in a world of technological disruptions, IoT and machine learning?

In conversation with Boon Siong, a widely sought-after strategist and consultant who has helped many top conglomerates and governments in Asia to be nimble and stay on top of their game.


Innovating with Digital Technology

A/Prof Neo Kok Beng & Mr Lucas Chow

How do we create and nurture a culture of innovation for corporations to survive and thrive?

In conversation with Kok Beng, technopreneur and venture catalyst who founded many successful ventures in media computing, information technology and medical technology.

Joining him is Lucas, who will share from his years of corporate experiences on how to lead in this digital and technologically-driven age.


Appreciating the Brain and Personality in Leadership

Dr Ang Yong Guan

What does the latest research on the brain inform us about leadership?

How do the brain and personality affect our mental and emotional health, derailing our leadership effectiveness?

In conversation with Yong Guan, a much sought-after psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience, as he enlightens us on these issues and provides practical tools and frameworks to help us lead more effectively.


Sustaining Business with Purpose

Mr Mark Tovell & Mr David Tjokrorahardjo

How do we integrate business with purpose?

How can we engage our employees meaningfully in our businesses?

In conversations with Mark, who through his award-winning resorts protects the environment and provides employment opportunities for locals in the surrounding fishing villages.

Joining him is David, who has invested in many start-ups and mentored these business owners to ensure businesses continue to serve with purpose.


Developing Young Entrepreneurs

Mr Dylan Wilk

How do we create supporting communities and network for entrepreneurs to ensure their effectiveness and fulfill their nobler purposes?

In conversation with Dylan, whose work equips hundreds of the very poor to become entrepreneurs in the Philippines.


Leading the Church into the Future

Bishop Rev Dr James Wong, Ps Dato’ Dr Daniel Ho,
Mr Julian Foe & Rev Dr Peter Tan-Chi

Have churches lost their effectiveness and impact?

How should the church look like in the future?

How do we inspire our church communities to have the kingdom mindset?

In conversation with pastors and leaders who will share their struggles, process and passion to transform their congregations.


Recovering from Leadership Fallout and Moral Failure

Rev Dr Chew Weng Chee & Mr Timothy Khoo

Why is fallout and moral failure more common in organizations and churches today?

How do we recover and restore the fallen?

In conversation with Timothy, who will open his heart to share from his own personal journey of failure and recovery, and from Weng Chee who will share how his church developed a process of recovery to help those who have failed morally.


Being Grace Dispensers in a Hostile World

Mr Philip Yancey & Mr Willy Tan

How do we dispense grace in a hostile and divided world?

In conversations with Philip, an astute observer of life who will share how Christian leaders in churches and Christian organizations have been dispensing grace in the most unique ways.

Joining him is Willy, who gave up an incredibly successful investment career to lead multi-cultural medical and education teams to dispense grace to victims of wars in the Middle-East.