Plenary Dialogs

Be inspired by world-class speakers as they share their knowledge,
strategies and experiences through intimate dialog sessions

Day 1

July 25, 2019

Future Leader – The Person in the Mirror

Prof Neo Boon Siong & Mr Peter Chao

Why have so many leaders fallen or derailed?

How do we stay authentic, agile and accountable in our V.U.C.A (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world?

The problem is in the mirror and so is the solution.

In conversation with Boon Siong, one of Asia’s top thought leaders and strategists as he shares from his successful consulting work with leading organizations and governments.

Joining him is Peter who will be sharing deep insights from his 50-year journey in shaping and leading Eagles Communications.


Courage to Commit

Mr Samuel Lam & Mr Lawrence Leong

Why is commitment so critical and yet in short supply today?

What does the latest leadership research tell us about commitments?

In conversation with Samuel as he shares breakthrough thinking on purposeful commitments from Linkage Global Study, and Lawrence, whose courage to commit has made him an extraordinary leader in all his five different leadership journeys.


Action in Crisis

Mr Walter Lee & Zy Lee,
Ms Melati Wijsen

How do you recover and rediscover your purpose when crushed by personal adversity?

How do you act in the face of global environmental crisis despite your youthfulness?

In conversation with Walter, an internationally acclaimed restaurateur and his son, Zy, born with only one complete limb, as they share their story of how they overcame personal adversity to champion a movement addressing prejudices and helping families with handicaps through the Zy Foundation.

Joining them is Melati, an Indonesian teenage activist featured in CNN’s Young Wonders, and their team who will share about how they have mobilized thousands to drastically reduce the use of plastics and address environmental challenges in Indonesia.

Day 3

July 27, 2019

Agility in Disruption

Mr Lucas Chow & Mr Jeff Cheong

How is the Fourth Industrial Revolution disrupting the world?

How can leaders stay agile to confront these challenges and stay relevant?

In conversation with Lucas, a leader in digital transformation who has worked with HP, SingTel, MediaCorp, Far East Organization, and Jeff, media and advertising guru who has received many accolades and awards as they share perspectives and insights of how leaders must stay agile in this new digital world.


Crossing the Divide

Ms Jennifer Heng, Ms Low Mui Lang
& Ms Khoo Cheng See

How do we save unborn babies, care for the neglected elderly, and feed the poorest of the poor?

How can corporations partner these incredible agencies doing extraordinary work?

In conversations with Jennifer, whose checkered past ignited her passion in empowering and helping women who face unsupported pregnancies.

Joining her is Mui Lang, whose dynamic leadership transformed a derelict nursing home into a loving community, and Cheng See, whose simple gift of cooking and compassion for one person sparked an initiative that is feeding 1,600 poorest families in Penang today.


Staying on Purpose

YB Hannah Yeoh

How do we face insurmountable odds to stay on course as a leader?

At 29, she won the Subang Jaya state seat with a majority vote of 71 percent despite being young and inexperienced. She later became the youngest woman parliamentarian and Speaker of Parliament in the Selangor State Assembly. Today, she serves as Deputy Minister, Women, Family & Community Development, standing for the rights of those who are unable to speak up for themselves.

In conversation with Hannah, whose extraordinary grit, courage and purpose make her one of the most effective leaders in Malaysia today.


The Future of Leadership

Mr Philip Yancey

In conversation with Philip as he closes the conference with a challenge to live, lead and love this broken and divided world by staying authentic, agile and accountable.